We are as Helpordi create a set of services that will help millions of people on a daily basis to troubleshoot electronic office equipment problems, and to secure faster workability. Our services include:
Anti-virus software for desktop and home computers
Special software to scan and troubleshoot errors in office and home devices
Providing remote services to help operate and activate these programs in case the activation is not known

You can use these services and products on all office and home devices to remove errors and electronic viruses that come from some web browsers or correct errors that occur when some devices are weak or damaged and thus we provide assistance to recover electronic messages, pictures, videos and files to benefit from the explanation as much as possible from Clarity You can contact us by contacting us, if you have any questions about this privacy policy, you can contact us.

Personal information can be collected to provide better services for all of our users, from identifying the basic matters to the most complex matters.
We collect your information, but it is not stored in the event that this will not be requested when the product is not purchased or the purchase is retracted.

Helpordi was established in 2017 and conceived upon the realisation that although existing web developers may create products to their customers specification We are committed to creating high-end products for their clients, specialising in web and app development. Our team can produce world class websites, web applications, web services, restful APIs and mobile applications native to both IOS and Android platforms.


Our quality service will tell you directly at your request and is always available from 9 am to 7 pm except Saturday and Sunday.